A digital and smart solution to encourage the good recycling practices

RECICLOS aims to increase public awareness of recycling. Its purpose is to prove how technology can help citizens to recycle more and better through incentives. In other words, making our recycling habit “digital” and rewarding without changing the current recycling model.

Through a Web App, every time a citizen takes a photo of their cans and bottles before recycling in the yellow container, they will receive a recognition for their commitment (they will receive RECICLOS, a virtual token). User can change the RECICLOS for different sustainable rewards.

RECICLOS is introduced into the routine of conventional recycling in an innovative way through an app-web available to everyone, taking advantage of the traditional infrastructures of each city and rewarding the effort of citizens for the good recycling of beverage bottles and cans. Users only need to enter two more extra steps into their routine: take a picture of the bottle or can and scan the QR of the container once they have thrown the bottle or can inside.

This easy recycling routine is possible thanks to 3 innovative technologies:
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

To avoid fraud RECICLOS has an API connection with Scandit, a software that reads the barcode and identify if the object is a beverage bottle or can


All the containers are geolocalized to verify that the packaging has been thrown


Rewarding is secured by tokenisations of funds and the usage of smartcontracts in Ethereum

Be part of a pioneer innovation

More efficiency waste management

Easy managing system and implementation

RECICLOS does not modify Spain current recycling model which is voluntary and open


RECICLOS was born in TheCircularLab, the Ecoembes open innovation center, with the participation of Blue Room Innovation. After its implementation in different cities in Catalonia last year as a pilot project, it has recently begun to operate in cities in Aragon, La Rioja and the Balearic Islands. In 2021, it is expected to reach all Spain autonomous communities , adding a total of 40 cities.

Thanks to RECICLOS, cities such as Sant Boi del Llobregat have managed to increase the tonnes of selectively collected packaging by 25%.

RECICLOS is mobilized so that citizens and the cities can be rewarded for recycling. That’s why, RECICLOS is:
The digital recycling system that takes care of the environment and your city.

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Achieving the EU Action Plan objectives

Around 25.8 million tons of plastic waste are generated in Europe every year. Less than 30% of such waste is collected for recycling, that is why the Commission adopted an EU Action Plan for a circular economy. It identified plastics as a key priority and committed itself to prepare a strategy addressing the challenges posed by plastics throughout the value chain and taking into account their entire life-cycle.

RECICLOS is a technological solution that aims to achieve the EU Action Plan objectives of plastics, the most priority material. In 2030, 70% of plastics must be recycled.