Marc Torrent
Senior Innovation Consultant

He is an electronics and automatic engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Robotics. He has more than 6 years of professional experience in the design, development, and technical coordination of research and innovation projects. He is an expert in electronic design and integration, especially in the fields of electronic sensing, signal processing, and wireless communications. He also has extensive experience working in body sensor network systems and in the study and analysis of parameters of human movement. He has worked as a project manager in national projects (CDTI CENIT, MINECO INNPACTO, ACCIÓ NUCLIS, etc.) and international (FP7, INTERREG, H2020) such as 3e + d, Fitrehab, Telerehab, Infinitex, Rehabilita, CvRemod, Conpass, eCaalyx, SmartCover, Wiisel, MatFlexEnd and Do Change among others.

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